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  Moulded rubber components

Moulded rubber components

Moulded rubber components

Product Specification

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of rubber moulded products that are custom designed in all standard materials such as Natural rubber, silicon, viton, polyacrylic etc.

A number of in house tools and moulds are constantly designed and manufactured for all our moulded rubber parts, such as:
Bellows, Boots, Dampers, Slider chains etc.

The three principal molding methods used are:

Compression moulding:

FBT has years of experience supplying compression moulded rubber parts , which can range from simple, such as rubber seals, to complex parts, like slider chains and cap noise assembly. Our focus is to ensure that the most cost effective and reliable moulding technique is used. This is achieved by minimizing the scrap and defects during various stages, such as designing the mould to ensure that air traps and defects do not affect the quality of your parts.

Injection moulding:

Large components and high precision components are often manufactured using injection moulding method. Injection moulding is used for multi-cavity moulds and is capable of producing many components percycle. Injection moulding usually allows many of the moulding parameters to be precisely controlled, and as a result injection presses are usually significantly more expensive than a traditional press.

Transfer moulding:

Transfer moulding is sometimes used when characteristics such as good surface finish, dimensional stability, and mechanical properties obtained in compression molding and the high-automation capability and low cost of injection molding are required.
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