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FBT manufactures composite insulators conforming to the required International standard IEC 61109/2008 & IEC 60437/1997. Our range of composite insulator, 11Kv and above, have type test certification from CPRI, Bangaluru. Unlike the porcelain/glass material based insulators made earlier, our products are manufactured  using  the  advanced  silicone  based  material.

The basic structure includes:

  • Silicone sheds
  • Metal end fittings – Tongue and clevis, Pin type etc
  • FRP  Rod with Silicone rubber cover
Advantages of composite insulators vs. porcelain insulators:
  • Better contamination performance and Long term surface hydrophobicity
  • No breakage  
  • Lower installation costs              
  • Improved handling of shock loads
  • Improved power frequency insulation
  • Light weight offers the advantage of lower tower construction, transportation and maintenance cost
  • Higher strength to weight ratio resulting in longer span and new tower designs
  • Higher resistance to vandalism and gunshot damages
  • Compaction of lines     
  • Improved transmission line aesthetics     
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